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    How Fast?

    i am taking out a loan to get this shit and i was wondering if anyone has done it or seen it done and knew the specs. its a ls b18b1 block with a gsr b18c1 head and si b16a2 trans. type r cam shafts, skunk2 intake manifold, and skunk2 cam gears. i am putting this in my 99 civic dx. i did the...
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    Mini-me With Rpm Switch

    does anyone know what an rpm switch is??? i drive a 99 civic dx(d16y7) with a 98 ex head(d16y8)... i heard you can plug vtec to your rpm switch but i dont know what that is or how to do it?? please help
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    Mini-me Trouble

    I need some help with a mini me. It's a 99 d16y7 with a 98 y8 head. we got the head on the block it runs fine but having trouble wiring vtec. We don't have the ecu but I've read about something called a "rpm switch." I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to make this work....
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