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    JDM power window kit

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knew how to install these or know where I can find a guide. I need help with the wires which is which. Also I was wondering if I can switch them and maye rewire so that the main control will be on the driver side if that is possible. Thanks...
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    GSR tranny in CRX

    I got the complete B18c swap with hasport mounts but I need the hydro to cable conversion I tried looking on but couldn't find anything but the kit that comes with the motor mounts I just need the conversion If anyone knows where to get it let me know thanks!
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    Will this JDM oil filter harm my motor?

    Just wondering if I will benefit using one of these filters.
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    weather striping

    Anyone know if any other will work besides oem honda for a 89 crx si It's the weather striping on the door where it goes across the door left to right.
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    Will Tanabe racing medalion super pass smog?

    got a full catback tanabe exhaust super racing medalion will this pass? on a 89 si crx with sohc zc motor vtec disengage and using d16A6 ecu?
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    Tanabe Racing medallion

    Will a tanabe racing medallion full exhaust 2 1/4 pass smog on a 89 crx with sohc zc with AEM CAI in california?
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    Tanabe racing medallion

    Will a tanabe racing medallion full exhaust 2 1/4 pass smog on a 89 crx with sohc zc with AEM CAI in california?
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    D16A1 to sohc ZC vtec p28 wiring issues

    Got a 89 crx si Just threw out my old D16A1 for a sohc jdm zc the engine stamp says zc I've heard their the same as D16Z6s and just wanted to make sure before I go ahead and buy the stuff I need to run my p28 ecu. My question is what will I need to succesfuly run the p28 so far I have heard...
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    Need help converting wiring harness

    I got a 89 Crx Si with 92 jdm sohc zc vtec the vtec(this motor is exactly like D16z6 motors in US) is disengage because the wiring harness that I am currently using is the old one that went with the d16 motor. I got a p28 chiped skunk 2 ecu and would like to use that but I need help converting...
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    Vtec Controller on a non vtec ecu

    I have a 89 crx si with a jdm sohc zc vtec motor the vtec is disengage I have a 89 integra ecu p6 hooked up, I have a jdm vtec controller is it possible to hook it up?
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    Sohc Zc Vtec

    I gota sohc zc in my 89 crx si with 89 integ ecu runs pretty smooth, is their any way to turn on vtec though? my crx wiring harness does't have a extra port for the vtec clip right under the vtec solinoid I just left it disengage is their any way to hook it up without using those expensive vtec...
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    Sohc Zc

    I got a sohc vtec Zc the valve cover is cracked does a d16z6 valve cover fit on a sohc zc? btw it's in a 89 crx si.
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    Omg... (duplicolor paint ?)

    Has anybody ever used the dupli color heat resistant up to 1200 degrees ceramic paint before?
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    Enging Vtec

    I gota sohc Zc in 89 crx si I was wondering is their any safe way to engage vtec without using a vtec controller and that is safe?
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    Sohc Zc Distributer

    I just finished swaping a SOHC Zc into my 89 crx si I used the distributer from the ZC motor and wires. when I turn the key it cranks but theirs is no igntion sparking is it because of the jdm distributer? I was thinking is it's not sparking because of my ECU since it's a 89 crx si ECU not...
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    Sohc Zc Ecu

    I got a SOHC JDM ZC will a 88-89 integra ECU work with that and is that the best one for it performance wise?
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    Zc Auto/stick

    automatic ZCs and stick are all the same right? cuz the zc I got is was from a automatic but I put in my si stick tranny to it I have't tried it yet but I hope it does. also which oil filter do I use for jdm sohc Zc?
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    I'm swaping a d16z6 (92-95 civic si) into my 89 crx si (D16A6)before I do will everything from the D16A6 bold onto the D6Z6? for example distributer,intake manifold,and throttle body also ECU??? also the vtec will It run fine for now using the crx si ecu non vtec till I save more money for a...
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