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    What engine is PR3 from?

    i have a ls vtec crx. its got a b18a bottom end, and a pr3 head. my question is, what engine did the pr3 originally come from? i think its either the 93 gsr or a b16. any information would help. thanks. -Sam
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    HELP! what head to i have?

    i dont know what head i have, or where to find what head it is. is there some kind of stamp like in the block? its an ls/vtec setup.. i bought it and im trying to figure out how far this guy went. here are two pictures of the head on the motor. the valve covers been polished...
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    Is there a OBD0 ECU for Vtec?

    i bought a crx si, with a b18a ls/vtec. its also boosted so i cant hear if vtec is kickin in. theres a vtec pressure sensor and its hard wired into it appears to be the sensor itself. i think it works tho, becuase i unplugged it, it threw a check engine light, and redlined at seven somethin...
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