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    Looking for an N/A honda tuner

    I need to Dyno Tune my LS/Vtec and I would prefer someone with knowlegde with N/A Hondas to help me out with timing, cam gear settings and POSSIBLY a custom chip. It is an OBD-0 set up so no realtime ecu programming. Any recommendations. I am in CT
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    Misc B-series Parts And Autox Tires

    All parts are located in CT. Please make a reasonable offer. You can check my seller/buyer feedback HERE P-72 rods I was told they were ITR rods but upon arrival I saw the P-72 and found out they are GS-R rods. any questions on them ask board member "Civiconroids" B16A2 Camshafts. I...
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    Wtb: 90-93 Integra Rear Bracket

    Looking for the 90-93 Integra L shaped rear bracket with bolts. EDIT: TRANNY BRACKET :D I should have specified.
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    Difference Between B18a1 Head And B18b Head?

    I know the cams are different, but is their anything else? Are the port sizes the same? Reason being, I have a B18A1 head I do not need and my brother in law has a 94 LS. he would like to get some head work done and put it on his 94 LS.
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    Wtb: 1st Gen B16a1 Wire Harness

    I need a 1st gen b16A1 wire harness uncut thanks
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    Wtb: Various B-series Parts

    ITR or GSR Connecting Rods ITR or GSR Block Girdle with main bolts, windage tray, oil pump pickup and oil tray B-Series Vtec knock Sensor Aluminum lighweight flywheel Adjustable cam gears
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    What clutch?

    I just read about the Exedy clutch taking a crap. I am looking for some recommendations on what clutch I should go with. I have done a couple searches but have not found the answer I am looking for. Basically, I need a clutch that will take abuse and hold some power BUT will not be instant...
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