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    ***my Mini Me Swap Wont Start***i Need Help***

    listen yes dist is important . but however check your ia valve also wiring maybe a little diffrent. i had the same prob went fom d16y7 to d16y8 and had real rough idle as well but hey i played with ia valve in intake and wallaw !!! idles well. hope to help you and check wiring diagram on haynes...
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    I Need A Wiring Diagram For P2p 96-00 Ex Civic Ecu

    please if anyone knows of any sites or has a diagram of p2p ex ecu 96-00 send me info can't find any anywhere. need to know where to add pins for oil pressure and vtec wire jeff wargo 97 civic dx to ex swap now d16y8
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    Helpppp! D-series

    [B][FONT=Optima][SIZE=7][COLOR=blue]Listen man, like crx-yem said you are gonna have to explain a little more about cash. My choice obd2 B16 series isn't even a bad idea. well hope u r in good luck with everything.
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