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    F22 Vs. H22

    Okay so BB4 F22 vs BB4 H22 why would they break even in the quarter? If my car with an F22 is doing so well vs an H22 of the same model should I even bother with the swap or should I just turbo the F22 since it's compression is perfect for it?
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    what is widest wheel for bb4 wheelwell

    I'm running the stock blade rims with 205/55/15's and theyre rubbing you can fit 205-215 POSSIBLY 225's but the deal is with Height mostly because even stock the tire hieght matters because if you go over a certain inch height they rub on the inner fender wells
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    B18B 4 Sale

    nope the engine has been sold to josh here in AZ
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    WTB Seat

    Looking for a cheaper racing seat for my AM CRX. Just need one and need to keep the cost down. Please let me know if you have one with or without brackets you'd be willing to part with for CHEAP.
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    K20A2 EG Project Car

    keep me updated. Here soon you might have a similar hatch staring you down ready to run. Should be fun.
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    Looking for any type of racing seat. Willing to buy it or trade other parts for it. Preferably black since my car will be white no red or blue's apply.
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    B18B Swap

    are you willing to wait so I can make a road trip across the US? I'll take it for 500
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    B18C1 Swap 98% Done - Three Questions (Pic Posted) - Need Help!

    He's right but normally it's a Blue wire on the Dizzy sometimes it can get disconnected. I'd check your tach wires and the wire out of the dizzy if it's not there that the problem is then it's probly the tach itself. Any tach should read ANY engine RPM's. Hell you could hook an integra's Tach up...
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    Turbo FS or Trade

    Trade is still open if you want pics send me email addy and I'll send you pics please looking to get rid of it soon.
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    B18B 4 Sale

    If you hadn't noticed above I'm in AZ and willing to ship if S+H is paid for by buyer through money order.
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    B18B 4 Sale

    I have a B18B motor for sale needs timing and valve covers but only has 48K on it and is in emaculate condition looking for $400 bucks since that was my last offer on AZParttrader before it shut down. Thanks guys if you need pics hit me up I have them
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    Turbo FS or Trade

    Hey guys. I can have pics up by tonight and I'm pretty new to this forum so I don't have any vouches on here but I did sell on AZparttrader alot and am vouched for on there. I am located in Phx, Arizona and am willing to ship the turbo where needed. There's no shaft play and everything works...
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    Turbo FS or Trade

    okay so I have a T3/T4 turbo with a .60 A/R on the intake side that I am willing to sell for 350 or trade for a GSR or Type R Head. Will boost 35lbs.
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    Turbo rebuild cost?

    Okay hey Justin I don't know how long ago you put this up or what not but I actually have a rebuilt one that I'm looking to sell. I'm in AZ and taking offers.
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