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    1988 crx obd1 b16a f/s

    Hey I'm selling a 1988 CRX originally DX converted to obd1 b16A. I'm in the process of starting a business and am no longer interested in my crx. The car is drivable and reliable. It has been sitting a while (6 months to a year), but I have been starting it every now and then. This is a southern...
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    Troubleshooting Solid CEL chiped p28

    Hey google almost got my answer for me but not all the way. Heres the problem obd0 to obd1 conversion 2gen jdm b16a on a chiped p28 stock base map and stock setup. Ive got fuel coming out of the injectors during the on key position and during cranking. Ive got a strong spark coming out...
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    F/S Never Used B16/18 4 to 1 header 40 bucks

    For sale is a b16/b18 ebay 4-1 racing header with a 2.5in oulet on the collector. Never been used. 40.00 dollars PM me or email me at Thanks michael
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    I need to rent a OBD1 ECU!

    Hey im looking for an ecu to test my 2nd gen b16a to see if my chipped p28 is causing me problems. Im pretty sure any obd1 ecu will fire it up? p30 p28 p06 p72 p75 Ill pay for shipping and throw on a little extra for using it. It will come back just the way i recieved it. It will take me no...
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    OBD1 b16a swap

    Alright I know this is covered all over the internet, but for my particular application I couldn't find much. Car is a 88crx dx. Its kinda of turned into a little mess. Heres my setup currently obd1 b16a, p28 chipped from phearable, obd1 dizzy, obx 4 wire o2 sensor, obd0 to obd1 ecu jumper...
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    FS/ PM5 ECU & D15b2 starter CHEAP!

    Up for sale is a PM5 ecu that was on my 1988 crx dx. ECU is in great condition everythings operational. Also for sale is a D15b2 starter off the same car, works great! Im located in Independence, IA. Prices: starter = 15.00+shipping PM5 ECU = 25.00+shipping For quickest response email me at...
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    Wtb 2nd gen crx parts or parts car

    hey im looking for a 88-91 crx parts car or for the fallowing parts 96-00 civic si cluster 96-00 civic si clips OBD0 injectors b series Obd1 header 4 wire heated o2 sensor Radiator 94-99 Gsr cluster B series vtec selinod Seats Rims 4x100mm 4 lug Suspension Climate control...
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    Fs or trade crx sir

    Up for trade or sale is my 1988 crx SIR. The body is rust free(southern car). Has always been garaged in the winter. exterior is 9/10. I did a engine swap, which is a 2nd b16a with 41,000 miles. Burns/leaks no oil. This engine runs strong. I will do a compression test and post the results. The...
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    OBD0 D15b2 Complete engine, Trans, axles, etc...

    100 bucks takes everything i need to sale this before i move home. Sry for the big pictures forgot to down size them
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    o2 sensor placement

    another problem, Ok I just swaped in a 2nd gen b16a into my 88 crx dx, ive currently have it running on a pr3 obd0 setup. I hooked up all the vaccum lines from a diagram on the interent but it didnt show what these were or where they went? Any help would be great thanks!
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    o2 sensor placement

    Ok Do you guys think this o2 sensor is placed far enought into the exhaust stream? Its probably a little under half an inch into the stream... The thing that sucks is there are two layers of metal on the stock downpipe, so if i dont seal off between the layers than exhaust will get between...
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    OBD0 D15b2 Complete engine, Trans, axles, etc...

    For sale i have a OBD0 D15b2 with 220000 miles out of a 1988 crx dx. The engine ran fine with the exception of a blown clutch. Includes complete engine minus wireharness, a/c system, transaxle, axles, etc.... Willing to part out or trade as a whole. 100 bucks takes all. Best way to contact me is...
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    WTB: 90-93 TEG SPEED SENSOR, OBD0 B16a Exhaust Mani

    Hey im looking for a speed sensor from a 90-93 integra and im also looking for a obd0 b16a exhaust manifold. LMK thanks
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    WTB: Cable YS1 GSR Tranny

    found one
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    OBD0 Dizzy, PR3 ecu, dx to b16a conversion harness

    I have for sale the following. All in good and working condition. OBD0 Dizzy 30.00 PR3 virgin ecu 50.00 Dx to Obd0 b16a conversion harness w/ resistor box 150.00 Will post pictures upon request. LMK Thanks
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    Wtb: Crx b16a obd0 swap parts

    Looking for good condition b16a obd0 fuel injectors throttle cable bracket 90-93 integra MT speed sensor Valve cover Studs ( the peices that thread on the cam caps and that hold on the valve cover) 2nd gen crx rear hatch actuators Climate control panel Stock or aftermarket exhaust header( 2 o2...
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    1988 honda crx b16a swap part out

    Sent you an email... Im interested in the following fuel injectors throttle cable bracket speed sensor LMK my email is i check it daily. Thanks
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    Wtb: Obd0 b16a parts

    Ok ive got everything but a exhaust manifold, and im looking for a 90-93 MT integra speed sensor
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    WTB: Cable YS1 GSR Tranny

    Looking for a good condition cable GSR YS1 Tranny. Thanks michael
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