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    Honda stuff for sale or trade

    will trade stuff for Rims,nicer turbo piping and inner cooler than i have ,Sohc cam gears for my mini me coupe,or any cool honda parts 10 shipped 8 shipped for blak one no longer have other one ef hatch headlights-25 crx clutch cable-5 Eg seats one small tear other seat is...
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    Diff lip

    i have this guy tellin me a lip off a 91 accord will fit on my 91 hatch is this true????
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    Front end change

    im wanting to convert my eg to the 96 year....i kno i have to change the fenders,hood,healights,bumper.... i was told the other day i had to change the doors to is this true???
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    B18 Build

    Im planning on building a B18 ls for boost i wanna run about 15 pounds so i was wondering if i should replace the springs and retainers with aftermarket ones or if they will be ok...also what kind vauvles should i use... Or any other tips will be helpful its my first build....If this has been...
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    Converting to Manual

    i have a Eg coupe that is currently a automatic i have been wanting to convert it for along time just never got along to it but i just picked up a b18 so i think its time... i was just wondering if anyone on here has done this yet and if they got any tips....if i use a cable tanny i dont have to...
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    Turboed EF

    i have a Zc turboed ef and its needs tuned really bad it is getting way to much fuel and when ever i get on it it somtimes back fires and a cloud of white smoke come out the back for a min give or take i was wondering if this has to do with it needed tuned and getting to much fuel or if my...
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    Dif. Front bumper ?

    I currently have a 91 hatch with a zc doch boosted i was wondering if.any one knew of a diffrent Front bumper or lip that would look better on it? its stock right now andi dont want nothing that will block off my intercooler. :confused:
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    New to this

    Im about to start a rebuild on a Zc non vtec Sohc motor block and head i was wondering what all is needed part wise to do this. im building it for boost not for sure how much hp im going for. i dont know what else you guys need to know so just ask. Thanks
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    trouble doing a head swap

    just to let all you guys know ahead of time im pretty new to all this but here is my ? ok i have a zc block and im tryin to put a d16 vtec head on it. i have it done but it just ant right and i have strected my mind and a ton of others to figure out what it is and no one knows. so i was just...
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