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    89 dx d16z6 swap runs like poo

    Well i got it to run but just barely, pretty much dies when you hit the gas. relay is good have spark timing marks all line up no codes
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    d16z6 into 89 civic dx ef..... help no fuel!!

    I'm doing a z6 swap into my ef which was dpfi to the z6 with a p28, Phancentric engine harness, locash jumper. I cant get the fuel injectors to fire. I left the fuel injectors in the rail but pulled them out of the head to see if they were spraying any fuel...and nothing. I'm getting 10v to...
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    clutch and axles from a 89dx work in a cable Si tranny?

    I picked up a 89 dx HB about 2 months ago to be a daliy driver so the STi can get a cage in it for trackdays. the motor that came in it started smoking pretty bad so I thought what a perfect time to do a d16z6 obdI swap with a si tranny-_-. The clutch and axles that are in the car now are only...
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    dpfi to mpfi question

    Hello can I just swap the whole 89si engine harness in my 89 dx hatch? Sorry I;m SURE this is a dumb question but evertime I search for it all i get is info on cutting the si harness and using it on the dx harness.
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