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    Times Like This

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhh pics explains itself
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    Cool Stuff

    anyone got anymore funny or cool clips like that mr2 hitting the jetta, that was great but is there anything else???
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    Is It Worth It

    Do you have to any mods to the firewall to put an h22 in a ef hatch? Is it worth going with an h22 being that is anywhere from 1-2k less than a gsr???? What would be a be the way to go????
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    Everyone That Rices Out A Caveleir

    i have been proved wrong
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    Ef Hatch With Integra Front Clip

    Does anyone know where i can see some picturse of an Ef hatch with a 90-94 integra front clip? hood, fenders, lights, everything? I have seen it done to an eg with 95 integra front, but have not yet seen the older gen..
  6. Try your Search on Google