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    How much?

    Welp, im about to get rid of my 89 crx it wont start and I dont know what the hell is wrong with it. The car is really clean inside and out I was wondering how much I could get for it, and after I get some cash what should I buy? I was thinking about getting a 240sx coupe. How much should I buy...
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    Muffler bearings on ebay!

    I know a lot of people that need this :lmao:
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    CRX and CIVIC body kit 88-91

    Well, can a Civic body kit fit on a Crx?
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    What ECU should I use or can I use??

    I am doing a mpfi swap onto my auto 89 crx and was wondering which ECU would work best.
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    ECU's does it matter if its automatic or manual?

    Well, I am about to do a MPFI swap into my crx and was wondering does the ECU have to be for automatics or manuals? Are they compatible?
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    CRX 89

    I bought some boston 6.5s and realized that its too deep. I wanted to know if there was any way that I would be able to put a spacer or something so that it would fit. I put the speaker in there and if I did put a spacer I wont be able to put the cover on to protect it. Any suggestions? I know I...
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    WTB: stuff to make my crx DPFI to MPFI

    pm6 ecu si, si distributor, plugs
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    DPFI to MPFI crx 89

    I'm about to do this if I can find the parts that I need and I need some expert advice. I have no clue on the first thing to do, I have instructions here, but having someone else say what to do would be much better.
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    Click Click :lol:
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    Supra price?

    I know some guy in cali who is selling a 97 limited edition turboed 6 speed supra with 13x,xxx miles on it the body is pretty good and the engine runs good. Hes asking around 15,000 for it. The turbo is probably dead how much will it be to get a new one or get repaired?
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    good sites for stereo installs

    i just got a complete system and just needed some visuals of how to install everything thnx
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    Ping Pong?

    This videos pretty kewl and funny hope its not old Ping Pongage
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    Funny Dont Know If Its Old

    naw dude.... not here -B
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    How To Get Ur Car Into The 14s

    Click Herrrrrre pretty funny pretty old welcome to last week no thnx NO THNX!!! :angry:
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    95 Gsr Rims

    The dude said 230 for the rims they come with tires too and he said they r all clean. Do you think this is a good deal r what?
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    Product Of The Day 5/22

    if it doesnt work click here I gotta get one of these
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    Best Blonde Joke Ever!

    Click Here :D
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    Holy crap! #2
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    Hey Its Ryans2k's Bday

    Happy birthday! thats all i have to say
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    Throttle Body For D15b8

    I just bought an intake for my 95 hb and the mouth is to small can i put another TB on here from another civic at pick and pull or something? and which ones can i put on it? i know the engine has hella little hp but im not going for a swap with no mula. Thnx
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