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    car don't start AGAIN!!! --__--

    after i change the the fuel pump, car dead on the freeway while i was driving. take 15 mins to start back up again, then died again right in front of my house. i change distributor cap rotor, spark plug wire spark plug couple weeks ago, what else could be wrong, stay online waiting for you guy's...
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    help with b20vtec

    i have b20b with gsr head, bone stock, im thinking upgrade the cam. is kinda cam is the best? is reliable to change the cam itself without upgrade the bottom block? how much HP is genna be after the cam is installed?
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    LSD tranny

    on the LSD tranny, if you turn one side of wheel, the other side of wheel goes the opposit dirction, or both wheel should turn the same dirction?
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    head gasket leak?

    i have a little oil between the head and block, not badm it's wet, not dripping or anything. also theres somekinda oil drit mixed around the header on the motor. i just fixed the cam seal leak three weeks ago. i check the water some rust in the water, but no oil. car runs hard. it has metal...
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    starting problem need help BAD

    yesterday i changed my distributor cap and rotor , so the car finally start, today when i start the car, same thing happen, just click ,dont start, i smell gas, so i assume none wrog with fuel line, can it be starter? or battery? please help, stay online waiting for reply!!!!!!!! thanks
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    some NEWBIE question, please help

    hi, everyone , im new into honda, i just got a b20vtec swap in 94 integra,my friend just open up my valve cover today, and we saw the internal is kinda dark, i tried to clean it up, and then my friend said it;s not about the surface, it's stay on it, and he said it;s bad and my O2 sensor is...
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