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    JDM B18c smog (high NOx)!!

    Hello all, in a couple of days I will be going in for my third ref appointment. I have an OBD1 JDM (P72) B18c in a 93 integra and, as the title says, it wont pass the sniffer test. A quick rundown on my setup: I have the CARB legal Skunk2 IM, stock exhaust (including the manifold), stock intake...
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    WTB: B18c1 CARB legal header/DA door panels

    I know all B-series headers fit but I'm trying to BAR my OBD-1 JDM B18c and the ref seems pretty strict about CARB numbers matching exactly. Provided there even is any difference in the CARB #s between say a B18c1 or B18c5? I'm also in the market for black 90-93 2 door Integra P/W door panels...
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    WTB B18c1 intake mani

    Hello there. I'm looking for any CARB legal B18c1 intake manifold ( I think the skunk 2 is the only one). Let me know. Thanks, Eric
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    b series flywheel

    I was wondering if all b series flywheels are the same? If not, where do I get a flywheel for a b-16a1 (cable)? Do I need a flywheel for a del sol or for a cable tranny? Please help. Thanks.
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    B-16 gear ratios

    Is 85 mph at 5000 rpm in fifth gear to high? I kow the B-16 tranny is geared low but seems pretty high to me
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    Idrive a 91 Integra with a b-16. I want to purchase a b-18c to remedy the lack of tourqe the b-16 is puting out. I was told that my b-16 head on a gs-r block will make more power than an itr engine. Is this true? What configuration will give me the most bang for my buck? Any info would be...
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