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    I'm booooooooooooored

    hell yea legos r the shit lol
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    see through tires

    yea i bet those things would suck on some curvies
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    Anyone want to buy my buick regal for $32.000,00?

    nahh that car aint even worth stealin 30" rims r u kiddin me ill stick with my 16" lol
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    Anyone want to buy my buick regal for $32.000,00?

    dude theres over 70k in the ride....u know what u could of done with 70k in a honda u could of done some nasty things........o this is hondaswap not chevyswap
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    newb to the forum,and swaps

    h22 all the way man
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    crx si project

    looks like u got 1 hell of a project to work on but crx's r well worth it that was my first car 88 crx black, but there should be a lil pin holdin the sunroof in im not reall shure or u can try spayin wd-40 on it
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    my 91' just stopped running???

    check and see if shes gettin spark take the plug wire off and see if shes sparkin
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    I really want to eat this, but I'm on a diet.

    No Byron u failed....
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    Idles around 3k

    its a censor im pretty shure i had the same prob. a while back...........but look on the bright side u will hit v-tec quicker lol
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    Ebay turbo

    ebay turbos or engine parts suck ill never get nething off of ebay oil seals usualy go not to long after on the car
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    I really want to eat this, but I'm on a diet.

    holy haggard when did bacon become the new v-tec i wish my d15 had bacon lol
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    90 CRX DX H22A swap

    no i would def. do a h22 swap everyone has there own thoughts about it but h22 puts down bout 200hp in a 2100 pound car vs a d16 thats good and a gsr swap is a joke and weight its not much bigger than b18......and cutting i dint have to cut nothing in my 89 crx so i dont know bout all...
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