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    Couple quick D15b2auto->d16y8 manual questions (Injen, Luis,Vtec,etc Plz!).

    couple of quick questions. I thought that i had read somewhere that i would need a different starter if i swapped my auto for a manual tranny. Then i see they have the same part numbers.So does my auto starter work? Am i just getting confused because ive been reading too much about B series...
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    Another Plz Help! thread (valve related)

    Alright i posted this in the engine building section but didn't get a reply after two days so ill try here, where the answers seem to be plentiful;) Ok so i just pulled a y8 head off a block and its in great condition except that the valves on the #1 cylinder are completely scorched. They are...
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    Valve interchangeability question,,,,

    Ok so i just pulled a y8 head off a block and its in great condition except that the valves on the #1 cylinder are completely scorched. They are white and bubbly i cant believe it didn't have a dead cylinder ( i had heard it run before i pulled it) I have a blown A6 head here with perfect...
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    Had no idea 88 trannys were different than 89-91, need some quick help please.

    Alright, I had no idea that the 88 trannys were 21 spline and the 89+ were 20 spline. Through various parts trading I have a lightweight 89+ flywheel, clutch and pressure plate When i went to mate them i realized the spline difference. I ordered just the friction disk and was planning on using...
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    Better Bottom End D16a6 or D16y8?

    title says it all. I have bottom ends from a d16a6 and a d16y8. Using Y8 head. Which block should i use? I hear theY8 has oiling problems?
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    D15b2 auto -->> MPFI ??

    Hoping someone can help me out here. The downshift cable on a D15b2 auto runs from the throttle body to the tranny. I looked at a 92, and it seemed that the cable in them is attached to the gas pedal? Does this mean if i want to swap a D16into my auto car i have to get a 92+ pedal assembly or...
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    B18a1/auto swap. Tcu wiring. How to.

    Alright. I searched for this Info for a long damn time. Almost every hit on any search engine just takes you to an unanswered question about how to do it. On this site or another one. So I printed it up on Alldata and spent a bunch of time mapping it out. If you don't care, great. I've found at...
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    Swapping in a B18a1 and an AUTO

    I saw a page where someone had put a b18a1 and an auto trans into their wagon. I thought I had saved it to my favorites, but apparently I had not. Now I have been searching for this damn thing for two hours and can't find it again. Has anyone ever seen the site i am talking about? Failing that...
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    91 Manual Dizzy vs 91 Auto Dizzy

    Is there a difference between these two distributors except perhaps for connections? Autozone lists a different part number for auto/manual and im trying to figure out what i need to change to make one work for the other. Is it most likely just connectors?
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    Craigslist addict needs accurate swap advice

    Alright Honda gods, allow myself to introduce..myself. Ive had an ED for approximately 48 hours now so if Im noobish, I apologize. I have a LOT of mechanical experience with cars, but I've always considered anything less than two tons more of a go cart.:hide: So Id been reconsidering my stance...
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