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    Mugen! Spoon! Reprogram Info!

    I was wondering if any ECU REChipped PRogramers out there know the Spoon Program SKUNK 2 Jun or Mugen Program i am very curious on what the information is on it.. If not does any ECU reprogramers know how to do it? if so let me know I may buy one CUz I heard u can get SOHC ECUS and reprogram...
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    Built B16a For My 92 Hatch

    I Currently have a 92 Civic Hatch Vx. I am about to purchase a B16A block for 200 bucks Then my hombois are sellin a complete GSR head,tranny,ecu,harness, basically EVERYTHING except for the block. -Will everything bolt up to the B16A becuase its a B-series motor? -Same with the Oil Pan...
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