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    IN WTB: Civic or Integra

    Im looking for a civic or integra for around $2000 so I can get rollin on a new project. let me kbow what you have.
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    Help It Won't Start!

    I have a z6 head on an a6 block. It is turning over and getting spark, but it is pumping out way too much gas and it will not start. I am pretty sure it is a sensor but I could be wrong. If anyone can help me please do because my anniversary is next week and I need a vehicle asap!
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    WTB CRX Si Timing Belt Cover

    I need the plastic timing belt cover off of a d16a6 asap. If you know anyone that has one please let me know, oh an before someone suggests autozone or ebay try it yourself, they don't have it!
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    WTB 95 civic window crank

    mine broke and i need a new one.
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    Quick Swap Question

    I am swapping motors and I have a D16Z6 head with a D16A6 block. I don't know which gasket kit to buy or timing belt. Please help me out asap, I am doing it in an hour!
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    IN WTB D-Series Block

    i need any d series block that will work with a z6 head. looking around $150. let me know what you got.
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    power steering problem?!?!?!

    for some reason as soon as i swapped motors my power steering started leaking from underneath the boot on the steering rack. i don't understand why it never did before, but thats beside the point. now four days ago i started my car up early because it was cold, and it started to whine like it...
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    Busted Crank

    My first question is would it be better to put a new crank in or swap blocks? The crank broke off right where the bolt for the crank pulley stops threading in. It is a z6 and I can't find a crank for it anywhere. I do have a d15b7 in the garage and was wondering if the crank from it would work...
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    IN WTB p28 ecu

    give me a price shipped to 47331. oh and it needs to be automatic.
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    Vtec Questions

    Alright guys i finished dropping a z6 in my civic and i know my vtec will not work until i get a p28 ecu, but my friend told me there is another way to go. he told me that there is a switch that i can buy that i flip when i want my vtec to work. i don't know how true this is so maybe you guys...
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    subs for sale

    i have a 12 inch pioneer and 10 inch jensen sub that are up for sale i will get rid of both for $50. pm me if interested
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    92-95 civic oem spoiler w/led

    i happened to pick this up one day and check out how much it is worth and they go for almost 200!!! no way would i pay that much. it is black, and used. i will take 75 obo + shipping
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    f22a7 questions

    i found an accord with this motor in it and i was wondering a few things. one will it fit in my civic dx. two will the tranny bolt up onto my dx. three is it worth it. and four am i getting in over my head with this one.
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    d15b7 part out

    if there is anything you need off of a d15b7 or you need the p06 ecu let me know and i will give you a really good deal on everything, oh i almost forgot the block does have a crack. if you think you can fix it it is yours. the head has been milled down for better compression. i also have a head...
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    WTB si 5spd tranny

    i need an si tranny for my z6 swap. if you are close i can pick it up if not let me know how much you need with shiping. thanx
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    d16z6 swap question

    i got a 1995 civic dx that i am swaping a z6 into now i need to know if my trany and axles will work if not please let me know thank you!
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    IN looking for a car around indiana

    anything you have out there people just let me know i also need a d16z6 head so if anybody has a car around me, my price range is around 3k, but i also have a 95 civic dx that i will give up on a trade.
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    WTB z6 head and p28 ecu

    i want to do a mini me swap and need these parts. thanx
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    95' civic dx

    i have a 1995 civic dx automatic and i also have a 1972 VW type three fast back 5 speed up for sale. the civic has a d15b7 that i am going to finnish a mini me swap with a z6 head and p28 ecu. i have pictures apon request. it also has white 17'' motegi racing wheels. It does have a dent in the...
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    I had subs hooked up to my cd player and my amp sparked one night. i turned my car off with the cd player still working and when i started my car back up, after unhooking my subs, the cd player never worked again. is there any way to fix this or is it just fried for good.
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