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  1. kelsodeez

    CA CRX part out :(

    im finally parting out my project that i never finished. i need money for my new project (the mini cooper) so my loss, your gain. i prefer local pick up, but i will ship at your expense. Buyer assumes all paypal fees. all parts are new, i just installed them and then took them off. B16B w/...
  2. kelsodeez

    WTB: skinny crx side door mouldings

    im not sure which crx the side moulding is off of, but they are the skinniest ones. here are the pieces i need on both sides. also need the brackets and clips for them if possible.
  3. kelsodeez

    2001 BMW R1200c phoenix edition for sale- $7000

    SOLD i am selling my BMW R1200c phoenix edition. i bought this bike new. the bike is very rare and in excellent condition. always maintained. serviced by BMW of mountain view at every regular interval. registration is good until march 2012.i had some metzler tires put on it a few months ago the...
  4. kelsodeez

    started a new job selling used jdm honda parts

    i got a new part time job and i am selling used jdm parts for hondas/acuras. if you guys need anything, let me know and ill ill give the honda swap hookup price! we have tons of stuff. a whole warehouse full so let me know what you need and ill get on it.
  5. kelsodeez

    wtb: crx under dash fuse box

    what the title says. let me see what you have
  6. kelsodeez

    mini cannon

    my dad just got back from vacation to maine and boston and he brought me home a working mini cannon. i didnt think it would fire, so we stuffed it with black powder and a wad of damp paper towel, shoved a firecracker fuse in the back of it and here's what happened. YouTube - mini cannon it...
  7. kelsodeez

    FS: Virgin P72 $100 shipped.

    selling my virginal obd1 P72 ECU. $100 shipped (lower 48 states)
  8. kelsodeez

    Das moto

    what ive been crusin for the past few days
  9. kelsodeez

    so ive been toying with the idea of making my fit rwd

    i have been thinking about it alot lately. put an F20C into the fit, have a custom rear end/driveshaft made and convert it to independent rear suspension. i priced out the custom rear end and it wasnt that expensive. less than 1k. so i think i am going to do it when the crx is finished. what do...
  10. kelsodeez

    help with my fuel cell dilemma

    okay so, i talked to someone from scca about fuel cell regulations and apparently i need to enclose my fuel cell for it to be track legal. now, id like to have a tank that fits directly into my spare tire dish and rivet a piece of sheet metal over it but i cant find one that is low enough...
  11. kelsodeez

    converting a B16 from timing belt to chain?

    anyone ever heard of something like this? as many of you know all too well the destruction a snapped timing belt can do. what if you replaced the cam gears with sprockets and ran a chain? no more bent valves or ruined heads. ive always been a fan of taking new technology and mixing it with the...
  12. kelsodeez

    A reminder why i dont let other people work on my cars

    so yesterday, i was leaving school in my fit when i hear a clack clack clacking noise coming from the rear passenger side. so i pull over and find that my tire is flat and there is something in it that looks like a chewed up ball bearing. i drive down to the nearest gas station to put some air...
  13. kelsodeez

    anyone ever take a stab at home anodizing?

    i think i am going to set up an acid bath and try my hand at this. it doesnt seem too hard, and i love the look of anodized aluminum. i found this article that takes you through the steps. anyone ever tried this? Anodizing Aluminium at home
  14. kelsodeez

    few questions about B series valve cover venting with AN fittings

    so my questions are: 1) is the stock baffle in the valve cover removed? or is just the shell of the valve cover drilled? 2) ive seen setups with two bungs welded in the front. two in the front and one in the back and one in the front and one in the back. what is the purpose of the extra vent...
  15. kelsodeez

    FS: Mishimoto full size aluminum radiator-EF civic/crx

    im selling my brand new, still in the sealed plastic wrap/box mishimoto radiator. i would use it but it doesnt work with my full race traction bar. the radiator retails for $300 but i am selling mine for $250 + shipping. price is firm. lowballers gtfo.also willing to trade for a brand new full...
  16. kelsodeez

    sigh... another build thread. but this one will also end without epicness

    my buddy gave me his old shell. him and i are bringing it back to life. more to come. the shell engine bay painted championship white. i may just do this color for the white on the body because it looks pretty good and i dont feel like screwing with a 3 stage paint...
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