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    C27A in a 3rd G Lude?

    Hey everyone. I'm thinking of buying a 3rd Gen lude really soon. I also have the chance to get a C27A engine from an '89 Acura Legend. Other than a lot of frabrication, can this engine be put in the 3rd G prelude. I know this might be a nube question, I just don't know that much about 3rd gens...
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    JDM B20 for 3rd gen prelude

    If anyone is interested. Here is the data sheet from Honda Japan for the prelude that came with this rare B20A. Enjoy. Mario is right. I had my units mixed up. The B20A has 160ps...which is about 145hp I think.
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    JDM B20 for 3rd gen prelude

    Not to diss, but I am positive these are not the same engines. I know this because I am currently preparing to get a B20A to put into my 2nd gen. I have to get it from Japan, because the ones in the 3rd gens don't fit. See here for more info on the B20A (not the same as B20A3 & B20A5 that came...
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    JDM B20 for 3rd gen prelude

    The B20A that you are referring to bolts directly into 2nd gen preludes. I don't think that the third gen engine bay is the same. Just something to keep in mind.
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    2nd Gen Prelude Engines

    Cool....what market was that motor from? USDM, CDM, JDM?
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    HELP! Can't get the rotors off a 4th gen prelude

    Hey everyone. I'm having a hell of a time getting the rotors off of a 4th gen prelude I am working on. I got those two devilish little screws out. What do I have to do next? The caliper is off, the screws are undone, but how do I get the rotor itself off. Please help! Thanks
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    2nd Gen Prelude Engines

    Dang it, that's what I thought.
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    motor swapz

    Don't forget the option of swapping in a JDM B20A. Then at least you would have a DOHC engine. It drops right in, no changes needed.
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    2nd Gen Prelude Engines

    Hey everyone. I'm wondering if there was ever a 1.8L Fuel Injected Prelude engine. Does anyone know? All the ET2 and A18 engines were carbed, were they not? If anyone has any information/links on this issue, I would appreciate it for a project I am working on.
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    Axle Boots

    No, you're right, they won't last like that. New boots are not usually that hard to put on. You'll have to take the CV joint off the end of the axel, which can be frustrating occasionally. In my experience though, they usually come off pretty easily. Then, put the new boot on, pack it and the...
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    86 Prelude With A B20

    Thanks 88LX....this will be of great used to me. If anyone else knows any other sources, or has other information, please post. Thanks, -Spiff
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    86 Prelude With A B20

    Hey everyone, Great forum, and I have enjoyed reading much of your material. So now, I thought I would add a few questions of my own. Like many of you, I am fairly new to this, but I am eager to learn from those of you who have already done this. Like a few of the other members, I too would...
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