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  1. daGSRhatchNEPA

    PA For Sale New Garrett t3t4 Turbo

    asking 450. Make me an Offer
  2. daGSRhatchNEPA

    PA *SOLD*

    The Body has 162k On it. Its Currently Insured but not registered. I start it every so often. The Interior is Fresh. Its only Missing the Cupholder shifter console. Took the Car into the Hamptons Last year Twice. Car gets good gas mileage and runs Chipper. vtec kiks from the p30 ecu...
  3. daGSRhatchNEPA

    Bad Ground?

    The car is fine until i take it on the highway and then the car when i hit the Brake Pedal and the Temp Gauge Hits High and then the car starts bucking. There is a little Box with a Brown Plug in it Just below the Fuse Panel that Keeps Clicking as this is Happening. I am Clueless @ this Stage...
  4. daGSRhatchNEPA

    JDM B16a SIR II

    The Harness on the JDM B16 SIR II Motor i swapped into my EJ1 Has only (1)wire for either the TPS or the MAP sensor The map sensor that came with the motor bolts onto the firewall or "just hangs there" but i cannot find another plug on the harness to fit the TPS Which the TPS is broken by the...
  5. daGSRhatchNEPA

    Suspension, Coilover or Standard Setups?

    Im looking @ installing some new things my boy just got in the shop for my car.. Skunk 2 pro type S Coilovers or should i install Eibach Springs with Tokico Blues Do i go with the Standard Setup with shock and spring ? or Do i go with a coil over setup? :confused: Sounds dumb but i...
  6. daGSRhatchNEPA

    what is the best Ls Vtec for my build?

    im trying to get around the high 200hp range. Working with a b20 Ls vtec and a Gsr head... i also wanted to add in a jackson racing supercharger... i need help with compression ratios cuz i have seen pistons stuck inside of blocks b4 with the improper sizing like 14.5.1 yeah idiots. so i am...
  7. daGSRhatchNEPA

    PA WTB ej1 Motor Mounts

    B4 i buy something cheap on ebay real quick i need motor mounts for a 92-95 civic B-series Swap! anything local Im in NEPA 570.856.3909
  8. daGSRhatchNEPA

    F- WATERFEST raceway park (englishtown.nj)

    > what i would like to do is have a meet in the NORTHEAST and roll out to burn these Dubs< Basically after visiting and viewing their schedule for Saturday July 18th & 19th they are having Vw day for 2 days..... but they only have honda/acura day for 1 day in August 15th...
  9. daGSRhatchNEPA

    I NEED D16 Header BAD (WTB)

    i live in the north east, i need a header bad anyone local to North East PA. call me! 570.856.3909:huh:
  10. daGSRhatchNEPA

    WTB Civic Shell or stock Civic

    basically im looking for a fresh project.. let me know what you got.... Nothing over $ 2000 Please. >Lets See what cha got! >location Northeast Pa:ph34r:
  11. daGSRhatchNEPA

    WTB New Car to Replace the Totaled :(

    I'm on the eastcoast & looking for something new to replace the dead. Any1 have what i may want... >>still unsure just need something maybe another project for now.. Let me know!:mellow:
  12. daGSRhatchNEPA

    WTB YS1 Transmission

    This is why. Do you have the answer? http://
  13. daGSRhatchNEPA

    Tranny Replacement or Slave?

    okay FLUKE TrannY Issue >93 Da hatch with b18a ys1 5spd >the other day i was driving and all of a sudden it while in 5th it pops out * i then put it back in and again it popped out.. every other gear is fine it just wont stop popping out of 5th gear. i drove it on the highway and it was...
  14. daGSRhatchNEPA

    bare bones shell NORTH EAST PA

  15. daGSRhatchNEPA

    Electric da integra
  16. daGSRhatchNEPA

    2002 Ford E350 box truck

    i need to get rid of my box truck it has about 150k runs awesome asking 6500 will have pics up shortly.. just let me know if your interested. and we will go from there!^_^:cool:
  17. daGSRhatchNEPA

    PA 96 civic ex turbo

    For sale i have a black honda civic ex. d16y7 block with a d16y8 head. it has a Greddy turbo kit G18. Front mount intercooler. All hardpipe. dropped 1.5inches. Front Upper Strut bar. Alarm. Halo projector headlights. Aftermarket mirrors. *THE BAD* interior is shot>> painted white N no interior...
  18. daGSRhatchNEPA

    Importing Autos??

    well i was recently thinking about importing a car from japan... although my only concern is getting the vehicle registered in the us. i was told that as long as the vehicle can pass a US inspection. i wouldnt have a problem getting it registered. although will be a right hand drive converison...
  19. daGSRhatchNEPA

    turbo d16y7.. breakup & intake pipe comes off

    okay..i have a 96 civic with a d16y7. Q: For some reason my intake piping blows off or comes off while driving it? * The Engine also starts to Break Up @ Full Throttle around 4,000 rpm?:( * I already adjusted the timing 1 tooth back to retard but now i am out of ideas i have never had...
  20. daGSRhatchNEPA

    who makes the best in bearings!

    Hey i was about to buy some wheels bearings but not only would i like to know who makes the best wheel bearings and where are the best deals @...??? the Dealership or The Chinese ones @ AutoZone lol.
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