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    Nitrous in b16?

    Just curious as to if My B 16A with stock internals could handle a shot of nitrous. Thinking between a 50-75 shot. Just wanna make sure the motor could handle it before I installed a kit I have lying around. I know if you installed a nitrous kit on a stock d-series regardless of the shot it...
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    WTB: Racing slicks with wheels/rims

    Would like to find a set of racing slicks already mounted on the rim. I have a 94 civic. Once again, let me know what you got. Thanks.
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    WTB: B16 Exhaust manifold Header

    I would like to find someone locally, but it's not absolutely necessary. A header I can just bolt right up without any modifications. Let me know what you got. Thanks
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    wanna get a meet going. *post*

    I want to get a meet going. Cant really seem to find any. I would like to get one going. Of course no drama or stupisd S*** that will get every1 busted. I live in the south bay (310). If anyones got any ideas, post!
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    buddy clup v-tec controller flash red?

    When im hitting v-tec @ high rpms my v-con v-tec controller will flash red sometimes. Anyone know what this means? I tried to google it and had no luck with finding anything and i dont have the manual for it anymore.... thanks
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    y80 trans synchros crunching

    Just curious as to how long this trans is going to last. And if its worth just getting a new trans rather than just repairing the synchros. I have a JDM B 16A in my 94 civic coupe with a y80 LS trans. 3rd gear grinds 3 out of 5 times i hit 3rd. So I usually just skip 3rd gear if I dont need it...
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