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    B18b Into 2ndgen

    but wouldnt i have to change the ecu because its obd2...instead of the swap will just basically be a plug and play?...thanks for the help..
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    B18b Into 2ndgen

    Hey wassap everyone..well i just have a couple of questions for you guys..i'm planning to swap a 98 ls into my 1990 integra gs...I'm getting the wiring harness and the ecu with the motor..What will i have to change?..if anyone who had attempted this swap can you please help me out..please tell...
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    94+ Ls Swap Into Da

    Hey wassap everyone...i'm planing to swap a 94-95 96+ ls motor into my 2nd gen teg..what do i have to change or what not..rigth now i have a 90 ls motor with a b16 harness..will i have to change that..can i keep my stock distributor and use it on the 94and up ls' i have to change my ecu...
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