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    LS1 Engine for sale 60k crated

    i've gotten over 30 emails on this engine lol, and i think 30 guy wanted to put it in his 944 porshe still 4 days left.... come one someone put 345hp ls1 with well over 300lbs tq in there civic fyi, my vette was making 452hp at the crank and saw 22mpg not much worse then a v6...
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    LS1 Engine for sale 60k crated

    Anyone interested in an Ls1 from a corvette with 60 it came out of my dads, long story but its mint...LS1 Engine
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    counter-strike : source

    I started playing this game like 3 months ago....not source....not even sure what source is...Condition Zero came with my ATI Radeon 9600 pro 256....i bought this card like over a year ago and finally decided to install the game...its pretty cool, i've become pretty to play in my...
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    I love T3 lines

    i pulled 5008/ 1652 with my cox cable
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    Newest member of the family has arrived

    are you gonna turbo it?
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    thinking about selling the r

    i absolutly do not hate imports...i've owned two celicas, a 4 runner and now the scion....i'm saying if your looking for all this power and have the money....why not just buy something already fast...that way you don't have to spend so much time and money trying to make it fast....and then spend...
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    thinking about selling the r

    Well i owned a supercharged corvette for 3 years, just sold it 3 months ago, just bought the scion 3 weeks ago....and i guess my point being...if you want something fast...why not just jump right to the source :cry:)P.. :worthy: :worthy:
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    thinking about selling the r

    sell your type r and by a ZR1 :)
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    NOW here's a Bimmer i would like to own
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    bush is at it again...

    Abso-fucking-lutely.....You know one of thoe UAE fucks is linked to a terrorist organization somehow or other.......this deal leads to more accessibility......and vunerability as B has stated...... Its like a bank having no locks or armed guards.....
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    Got a Job offer

    House or Condo, but we still have 7 months on the lease where we are now.....I'm hoping her credit is allot better then 6 months ago..I helped her out allot she had a 625score..she owed old cell phone bills, cable bills old crdit card debt....i've helped her organize al that and rid of that...
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    Got a Job offer

    holy crap, thats gotta be like illegal or something... hey will you come paint my apartment..i'll pay you 15 cents an hour..... from The median expected salary for a typical Project Manager I in Southington, CT 06489 is $73,259.
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    Got a Job offer

    Its in Windsor, i live in southington just renting..... But B yeah i want more info on your interview dude..whats up
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    Got a Job offer

    Welp, I've been tired of my job for some time now as a worker's comp claims assitant. And Just recently i been really do some job searching. I'll try to make a long long story short.....Basically i am getting low balled in my pay at work. I've taken on the job of two former supervisors...
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    why is it so hard to find a job?

    ok so then Explain how B got a NEtwork Admin job with no college at all....easy he had his A+..thats my point
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    why is it so hard to find a job?

    obviously its not a COMPLETE waste of time but if you have an As in CIS, and 3 Certifications IT then your are good to go and you won;t have a 25k student loan to pay back
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    College paper

    o man thats some funny shit
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    why is it so hard to find a job?

    i'm in the same boat as you..A.S. in CIS....6 years out of school and no computer friend with an Art degree from Univeristy of Hartford has a computer consultant job and he can't even install windows or install his PDA on the today i just bought my study material for my A+ and...
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    Mohegan Sun

    yeha 12 dollar martini's. no thanks lol
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    My car was stolen

    i've never seen a forum where so many people post that there car was stolen.....i'm beginning to think people from these sites are stealing other members cars because they are posting to much info about their cars and where they live ...just a theory
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