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    NYC auto show vid

    finally got tot he footage I took at the NYC auto show. Props from awesome cuts/pastes. ‪2011 New York International Auto Show‬‏ - YouTube
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    May the Fourth be with you.

    Happy star wars day. Troops (Star Wars COPS Parody)
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    More New York autoshow videos and pics

    so i won a prize to meet Jerry Springer and then go around before the show opened. here's a quick video of a Spyker, there are more to come but too many to go through the videos just yet. YouTube - New York International Auto Show - Climbing inside a Spyker Here are the photos I took...
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    NYC Autoshow CR-Z-Hybrid-R

    Lots of hyphens, love that this show was 17 blocks from where I work. YouTube - New York International Auto Show - Honda CR-Z Hybrid R
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    Yeah Canada and G rap I was sitting on the couch listening to music and watching tv on mute after eating a brownie last friday. This combo came up and I had to make it for all of the internet to enjoy.
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    what's this I found under my hood?

    So i was putting washer fluid in my car today and I saw this little resevoir but i don't know what it is for. As you can see the washer fluid filler is on the other side of the battery. Tell me what you guys think it is.
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    Want a mix tape?

    Hey all, I've been lurking some, but hey, Free awesome music from a PA guy. GIRL TALK - ALL DAY - ILLEGAL ART
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    My lever is stiff

    The shift lever is stiff it's sometimes hard to shift out of park to reverse or drive. I scheduled a fluid change in a couple weeks. I don't drive it much anymore only once or twice a week and then on a long haul 400 miles round trip between home and my parents. The car runs fine aside from...
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    2007 VW passat

    Helping sell a car let me know is you're interested. It's located in NYC. Beautiful Car, full Carfax Report will be given to purchaser, extended warranty, etc. for sale b/c owner finds it easier to commute by train than car. Sales Price: $16,500 (negotiable) Mileage: 31,000 VIN...
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    CVT or MT?

    So for a little bit longer than a year I've been driving a Hybrid with a continuously variable transmission. It took some getting used to since the car never shifts, there is some planning into merging and passing since the power isn't there from the engine and the tranny takes a little bit of...
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    Honda Cr-z

    I've been driving a slow hybrid for the last year or two. I really would like the slight upgrade to the Cr-z for the nostalgia factor Honda got me. YouTube - Honda CR Z Film with Former Top Gear Presenter
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    Mommy what's a wigga?

    hey ya'll, I just wanted to share this video that i worked on over the fall. it's a parody of 3 oh 3! i like our version better frankly
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    After 2 years James gets a car!

    Hey guys, I'm back, after a couple of years without a running car and a half a year without any car. I finally got one, and it's a beaut, so long as you enjoy powerless, dull beige sedans. here's the money shot mmm. . . 85 hp 87 ft/lbs of torque, always the high honda redline @ 6000 the...
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    FS 1991 CRX Si b16 engine

    I'm selling my Civix CRX looking to get $1500 for it but that is negotiable. full exhaust and intake, nice wheels and good tires. it has a b16 engine with GSR cams. the car does not run, when i put in the new cams i believe i messed up the timing it also would need a new battery since it has...
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    Carbon Fouled plugs

    Hey everyone, So i recently put GSR cams into my b16a that i have in a crx. it ran well for a few weeks then i put new iridium plugs and three days later i find it is giving me horrible trhottle response and idling really bad. I pull out the plugs to see that they are thoroughly gummed up with...
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    Dual Filament Crx Head lights

    I need to rewire my headlight as of right now i do not have much low beams, only 1/2 of one. So i went and looked at the pigtails at the store and came to thinking about wiring up H4 headlights so i would only need to replace one bulb when it stopped working. Does anyone have any ideas on how...
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    Greetings from russia.

    hey guys, so for the next four weeks i am in russia. I have been walking around the city i am in, yaroslavl. The car culture seems heavily focused on Ladas the great russian automotive company. I guess capitalism must be working to some extent though i saw a nice merc and several other nice...
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    Decode your VIN

    so i was looking up vins here's the car i'm getting on sunday from Robbie aka greengoldef9 from This Old Honda VIN Decoder - Old, Antique and Classic Honda and Acura Automobiles jhmed9364ms00318 Japan Honda Pass. built in Japan Civic CRX 1.6L 3 Door Hatchback, Manual Si Civic CRX Manual seat...
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    granny Shifting

    Could someone exlpain what granny shifting refers to? smack me in the face if it's just reallly slow shifting
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    WTT: Del Sol for Hatch

    So i need to move band equipment often enough and my beater station wagon is on the rocks plus paying for insurance for two cars is not panning out as a good plan for saving money. so i offer to anyone willing to look my del sol!!! B18b1 T3 turbo .60/.63 Chrome Program, dl/d from xenocrons site...
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