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    CO wtb ls obd1 ecu

    like it says i need a obd1 ecu for my 94 civic ls swapped it needs to be a virgin 5spd thanks let me know asap
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    Boosting my ls

    hey guys i got a 1994 civic ex 2dr i just did the ls swap in it 2 weeks ago and now im looking to turbo it. I want to keep the stock head for now build up the ls head and block i dont want to vtec it!! i will do that later on whats everyone suggestions the hp range i want to be in is 350-400 is...
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    obd1 to obd2 convert HELP!!!!!!

    What do i need to do to convert my 1994 civic ex for the 1996 ls motor swap i got for it cause i have been told its an obd2 ecu and wirirng but the ecu the guy gave have a manufaced date of like april 1994 and it a p-28 please help me im a noob at this honda stuff i went from owning a...
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    Starting a swap in my 1994 ex

    Hi everyone i have a 1994 civic ex 2 door im purchuasing a 1996 ls motor tranny ecu basically everything but axels for the swap. Im just wondering how hard is it to do it seems pretty easy from what i have read online but i would like to get someone elses opinion and i was wondering what path i...
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