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    PA parts parts parts b series

    all prices are OBO so dont be afraid to ask a reasonable offer ARP headbolts put and engine together and never started it. $35.00 shipped P3 B16 rods oem come with wristpins $40.00 shipped b16 oem crank fresh from the machine shop getting checked out.. came out of a running engine...
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    Complete B16 part - out!!

    Turbo Parts!!!!!!!! 412-377-7699 txt anytime All prices are shipped and OBO will separate the intercooler, bov, and piping!! * B16 cast turbo manifold w/ wastegate in the middle where it should be - $ 75 shipped * B16 head w/ dizzy, brand new valves, guides...
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    ACT clutch and pressure plate!!! new disc!

    selling a Stage 3 act clutch and pressure plate.. 1700 miles on disc in GREAT shape just dont need it anymore. went with an ls tranny!! $135 shipped obo:o
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    F/S Eagle H rods 81.5mm!!!!

    Had these in my b16 pistons, the pistons are sold. spun number 3 rod bearing, crank never touched rods.. not one is bent or anything! have ARP rod bolts, come with caps. Asking 125 shipped obo :D:D:D:D
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    F.S. parts parts parts!!!!

    Drag manifold is the only thing left!!! $70 shipped please take
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    spun bearing help

    So i just bought a 2000 si with a spun bearing.. need to know where to start and what i should look for. engine has a turbonetics turbo kit on it with Neptune chipped P28. the car starts and has a knock on the bottom end. i know i have to pull the pan and examine the rod bearings get the...
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