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    Where is everybody?

    Interesting conversation I always thought the "scene" died off about 5 years ago and turned into fart cans.. people started heading into drifiting and back to trucks. Large car shows started seeing attendance drop off and the industry left the underground feel to become commercialized by then...
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    you make the assumption they pay the first time or payment was made.. "I got your support payment right here!"
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    Tax rant

    Get your complaint stick out.. the increases are coming for taxes.. everyone voted for hope and change and only got more taxes and the same..
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    Thank God. Palin out for '12

    I gotta call haters on you all! She did the exact thing you wish you could do with your car. Build it fast and shoot to the top.. magazine shots,titles etx.. So she did it in her way and you are all hating..
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    How-to brush your teeth

    Did he actually manage to get any of the ammo into the enemy base? seems like a taliban fight everywhere
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    lol. lame joke i guess

    Hinckley was Set up! The Story has him tied with other government dealings and we all know people will believe what ever the media says.
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    Thats one small step for man

    This was the only way for GM to get on the same pace as Toyota, Honda etx In the End.. the Government knows.. you are not going to do anything about what they do.
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    Obama uses Bush's "state secrets" power to continue wiretapping

    LOL.. well I can say he is doing alot of change (good or bad is your choice).. I do agree that surveillance of terrorist is needed.. whether is a Bush or Obama agenda. Safety first as they teach
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    car withdrawal

    Can't you just drive on non bumpy roads ? Sounds like coilovers or cut springs?
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    Any events coming up

    Any events for the DC/MD /VA area yet?
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    Newest Painting

    what was your goal with this piece?
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    We're Doomed

    We are so stealth that our own military can't find itself, Good tech bad communication
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    Christ almighty...will it ever end?

    As much as I hate the ricification of the import scene.. I gotta support F&F.. the industry is taking beating..
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    LMAO Craigslist Ad

    Good thing craigslist has a good protection system for there user.. he might of gotten a crack in the head
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    265hp n/a Integra .. WOW!!

    Classic....Epic status!
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    I can see some of you doing this lol

    I can't believe the Cartoon character believed he was alive! Did he think he was going to die from ink poisoning?
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    Subpar storm?

    I hate snow.. all it does it jack up the streets! Pot hole heaven afterward.. Good thing we have a stimulus bill to fix the roads!
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    Terminator 4 Full Trailer (BADASS!!!!!)

    That is a Badass video, I like the fact that this movie ties into the TV series..
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    Todays WTF moment, brought to you by google

    LOL, if you wanna purchase something for them its great Tax Exempt Purchase Certificate To make NYS/NYC tax exempt purchases for Columbia University
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    Violence between repo men, car owners on the rise

    You guys need to watch the Repo TV shows. Some will do it at anytime.. its a matter of finding the car and I would carry too. just for this reason. ... They do notify police when they do a repo..
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