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    Need help finding old pictures...

    well i found what i was looking for. i am pretty sure it's 240SX headlights...or maybe some else knows what it really is? :dry:
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    Need help finding old pictures...

    Well..humm..your making me wonder. but maybe this what you you have pictures of it ?? but i'm pretty sure it was 240SX headlights...
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    Need help finding old pictures...

    Does anyone have the pictures of the Grey CRX that had the 1997 & + 240SX Headlights?? thanks for the help..
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    help looking for pictures...

    HI, i'm looking for pictures of the CRX that had the 240SX headlight modification. the car was painted silver. i can't find nothing on google. Thanks for you help.
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    Mama told you to keep your head inside the car...

    sorry..close the topic then..
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    Mama told you to keep your head inside the car... owned by a car... :D
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    McLaren F1 Killer

    at least this car beats the F1 in 0-100 : Koenigsegg CCR Acceleration: 0-100 km/h (0–62 mph) 3.2 seconds Top speed: 395+ km/h (242+ mph)
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    8.9 earth quake

    There up to 24,000 dead..that's was at diner time... and they say that the Wave that it the island was about 30 feet high, that's like a building of 3 stories(sp?) high...
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    Ocean Twelve Movie question...?

    I tried to google this up, but found nothing. Anyone knows which model of phones they have in Ocean Twelve movie?? Thanks
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    Searching for a vidz that was on here...

    never mind i found it! thanks.
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    Searching for a vidz that was on here...

    I did a search and couldn't find nothing. I'm searching for a video of Street Climbing by David Belle that was posted a here a time ago, anybody has that vid ?? If yes, could you direct me to a link so i can download it. i wanna show it to one of my friends. Thanks!
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    S2000 or Wrx??

    I would go with the WRX, that's going to be my next car. I have a 97 Prelude right now. Is there any key difference between the 02 WRX and the 04 WRX beside the looks?
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    Got a good laugh from me

    four pages, no video ? let's us see the videos...!! we wanna SEE the story too and have fun!! WOOO!!! fifth page and no video..WOW!! let's go on..
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    There are no Canadians

    I'm from Montreal, Quebec!
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    Can someone get me one, i'm in Canada and i can't get one for free because it's only for US people???? i'll pay the shipping.
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    General question, off topic...

    Thanks alot for the reply's just wanted to know...
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    General question, off topic...

    Does this stuff work ? Because the guy, has 900+ auctions and at about 3$ the auction it's pretty alot of money for not selling one, or for stuff that doesn't work? there must be atleast some one, out there that tryed it? Or know's...
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    Car Alarm

    Anybody ever heard or have the car alarm, that between sensor it's wireless? If yes, wich compagny makes it? Is it Clifford? Thanks alot..
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    Prelude 97 Knock sensor..??

    well thanks everyone, i'm getting it fix on thursday.
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    Prelude 97 Knock sensor..??

    Is it bad to ride with a deffective Knock Sensor for a couple of days?
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