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  1. Blakwolf9666

    jdm head upgrades

    ok i got a jdm d15b 3 stage vtec motor its installed and running beautifully. its wired for both solenoids to hit at 5k incase anyone is wondering with a p70 ecu i believe (have to double check) it is a p2j head for sure though (y8) and was going to get the ecu chipped to get a little more...
  2. Blakwolf9666

    lower spark plug tube seal??

    leaking oil into my sparkplug tube on my 92 civic and already changed vcg and grommets but still leaking into one of the tubes so was gonna change the seals under the rocker arms. my question is though can i just take the arms off and replace the seals and bolt it back on without having to mess...
  3. Blakwolf9666

    mini me head question

    ok i got a P2F-HA-7 head (y7) guy told me it was a vtec and didnt actually check before i left (mistake on my part) but i know i could still put it on my 615b7 and would be better than the head i have, only problem is that according to all the head coeds ive seen is that its an automatic, i...
  4. Blakwolf9666

    trannsmission ?

    ok i was just curious about the little tube on of the transmission that has a little hole its next to what looks like a sensor. i was wondering if that should be open or should there be a cover over it.
  5. Blakwolf9666

    steering wheel size

    Ok I've been searching for a bit and still can't seem to find this. I need to know what size the steering wheel is for the 02 type s . I know its smaller than my 92 civic wheel but I can't seem to find a wheel cover to fit. Any info? Please
  6. Blakwolf9666

    supercharged intercooler?

    ok so im gonna be getting a rsx s soon and was planning on getting a comptech supercharger for it (yeah i know everyone says turbos are better but im sticking with the supercharger) the thing i wanted to know though is could i put a small intercooler on and would it help? i want to get an ice...
  7. Blakwolf9666

    suspension upgrade

    Ok the car is a 92 civic LX sedan with pretty much stock suspension and i hate it lol I know im going to be getting my rear strut bar (reason is it also makes a great sub box anchor lol) but i also wanted to get the front and rear sway bars as well (wanna try and keep my wheels planted better...
  8. Blakwolf9666

    IACV problems

    yeah another one of these threads ... these things are retarded half the freakin time lol well i just got a new one to to try and help with the high idling which it did help some however now the idle surges alot every now and then. ive also noticed that once the cars up to temp if you unplug...
  9. Blakwolf9666

    brake problem 2

    ok since for some reason my first thread got deleted im gonna start this again. i did a brake conversion on my 92 civic sedan lx, got everything bolted up and tightened down and bled the whole system. after wards it still only had about a quarter pedal feel, it does however seem to be slightly...
  10. Blakwolf9666

    motor mount ??

    i'm in need of some new motor mounts and was wondering if these would work for a regular d15 because all i can find is the b conversion kits, at the same time though i also read one of them that said it would still fit the d series so im just trying to make sure before i buy. eBay - New &...
  11. Blakwolf9666

    transmission problems

    well i have a 92 civic 5sp and the reverse gear grinds when the engine is cold, but as soon as its warmed up it shifts fine, first gear is also kind of hard to get into sometimes. I was gonna take the car to a shop to have them look at it and see if its the gears or just the clutch. and even if...
  12. Blakwolf9666

    center audio console

    im trying to get rid of the crappy cup holders that are in the my car and need to know what other audio/ center console could i use. ive heard of the optional audio consoles for these years but are almost impossible to find, and if you can find them expensive as hell. So im wondering if you...
  13. Blakwolf9666


    I am looking for a condenser pipe for a 92 civic lx 5sp sedan. the pipe connects the drier/accumulator to the condenser, i have looked through junk yards and havent been able to find one since the 92/93 are different from 94/95 and the car has had some front end damage so im not sure if thats...
  14. Blakwolf9666

    valve problems ... i think

    ok its a 92 civic lx sedan, i just did replaced the water pump and started the car and it started running weird, almost like a misfire but not. had someone check it out, timing, compression, and he said it could just be a fouled up injector and to get some injector cleaner. if that didnt help he...
  15. Blakwolf9666


    ok ive got a 92 civic lx sedan and i was wondering if there were any caliper upgrades i could make such as 2/4 piston calipers or something better that would fit the stock rims without alot of modification or bigger rims (which are 14 right now)
  16. Blakwolf9666

    just a quick note

    If anyone gets a two-piece cai be sure to REALLY TIGHTEN the pipe that goes behind the fender/bumper and make sure its reinforced some way. On my way to work mine fell off lol not too much damage other than the filter and some scratches on the pipe so im stuck with the short ram till i get time...
  17. Blakwolf9666

    air venting problem

    ok 92 civic finally found out why my blower wasnt working but now when it does work it only blows air through the passenger side vent, theres is also alot a air coming from under the blower itself, no air at all coming through the center or driver side vents. :confused:
  18. Blakwolf9666


    have a 92 civic lx sedan 5sp and was thinking about what to do 1. i could save some money and sell it and get something newer or 2. save some money and swap something else in, but if i do what would it be? what would be the easiest/cheapest swap? any opinions please?
  19. Blakwolf9666

    Exhaust header coloring

    ok ive had the stainless headers before but i guess i didnt do something right so was wondering what i could do to keep them clean after the install and to get them to turn the blueish/purplish color with out turning that nasty brown/greyish or what ever
  20. Blakwolf9666

    throttle sticking / surging issues

    I have 92 civic lx 5speed with the stock D15y7 i believe Ok i have 2 problems right now the first is the idle, for some reason when i turn the car on the engine surges up and down i thought is was a sensor on the back of the intake manifold because it stopped when i plugged it in (it wasnt...
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