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    FS:02 sensors + misc. parts

    2 brand new 02 sensors from honda part# 36531-ppa-305 - $170 shipped 36531-p2e-a01 - $160 shipped obd1 dizzy Td-44U - $160shipped obd2 usdm gsr ecu - $60shipped cadillac cts headlight projectors NON-HID - $75shipped complete k24a4 head - $150shipped
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    fs: Factory honda service manuals

    anybody want any factory honda service manuals? my dealership is getting rid of all the doubles that we have and there are me with that you want and ill get back to you if we still have them $50shipped for each book
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    wtb: 98 p72

    lookin for a 98 gsr ecu p72 in perfect workin condition
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    fs: oem honda oil filters

    a box of 10 a02 honda oil filters + crush washers - $25shipped
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    FS misc pars

    FS misc parts k24a1 head complete with valve cover - $200+shipping 2 k24a1 TB - $75 each+shipping k24a1 IM - $50+shipping k24a1 exhaust manifold - $35+shipping k24a1 oil pump - $50+shipping k24a1 oil pan - $35+shipping jdm b16a cams - $25+shipping brand new Bomz muffler - $50+shipping...
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    fs: misc. k and b series parts

    k24a1 head complete with valve cover - $200 2 k24a1 TB - $100 each k24a1 IM - $50 k24a1 exhaust manifold - $35 k24a1 oil pump - $50 k24a1 oil pan - $35 jdm b16a cams - $25 brand new Bomz muffler - $50 b16a stock fuel rail+fuel line - $25 b series Ferrea IN+EX valve guides+guide seals - $100 OEM...
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    FS: misc. parts

    OEM OBD0 jdm b16 In and EX cams - $50 +shipped OBD0 jdm b16 TB (no tps) - $60+shipping 04 Honda crv complete head - $250+ shipping 04 Honda crv oil pump - $60+shippin 10 OEM honda oil filters+crush washers - $30+shipping
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    misc. honda parts

    30 OEM honda oil filers+crush washers - $100+shipping 2 honda b/d series hydro tranny bracket - $25+shipping 5qt OEM honda Ow20 oil (used for hybrid cars - $15+shipping 5qt OEM honda 5w30 oil - $15+shipping 2004 Honda crv complete cylinder head, has about 60k miles - $200+shipping P06 ECU...
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    04 crv head

    complete 04 CRV head..includes cam, rocker ass., valve cover, dip stick etc... has about 60k on it...everything looks great on it...looking for $200 plus shipping..also has intake manifold and exhaust manifold if interested
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    FS: 7 bumper license plate caps

    7 Bumper license plate caps $6 shipped for a set of two..PM me Paypal
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    k24a1 parts

    FS: k24a1 parts stock parts with about 60k complete k24a1 head - $400 or obo pistons + rods - SOLD oil pan - $50
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    FS:b series N misc. items

    *d series dc sport (92-95) - $100 + shipping *b series half shaft - $50 + shipping *b series rear "L" bracket - $30 + shipping *gsr driver side mount - $30 + shipping *NEW bomz muffler - $50 + shiping *stock b16 cams + cam gears - $50 + shipping (both) *hydro tranny mount - $25 + shipping...
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    fs: b series parts phoenix az

    - complete short block jdm b16a obd0 $100 - 2 b series alt $50 - stock b16 header $25 -GSR driver side mount $25 -GSR driver side bracket $25 -2 Bridgestone Potenza BRAND NEW!! (245/45/16) $200 -jdm b16 cable tranny ( cover is taken off, gears ok, syncros bad, grinds in 2nd and 3rd) $150 -b...
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    jdm ecu vs usdm ecu

    is there any difference in the "pins" on a jdm ecu n usdm? i has a jdm p72 and was wounderin if they r the same.
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    FS: B series parts

    - OBD 0 LS dizzy made to fit a DOHC vtec head - $20+SH - OBD 0 Alternator for b series - $20+SH - OBD 1 SIR2 b16 complete short block from oil pan to deck 30-40k - $300 Pickup ONLY - Stock JDM b16 cams+ cam gears - $30+SH - 2 Brand New Bridgesone Potenza S0-3 245/45/16 - $300+SH - 2 Brand...
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    ek b series hasport mounts

    anyone have a picture of the driver side mount of the hasport mount kid made for the b series in ek?
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    FS: jdm b16 shortblock

    i have a complete obd1 b16 short block for sale...30-40k miles, still in very good condition. prefer local..$300
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    car finally starts (b16a in ek)

    car finally starts up after has new dizzy wit new cap and rotor, wires, and idles like crazy from 1g to 3gs and so on...the problem is that it idles rough for a few min and dies...its starts back up but it dies after a few min of idle again..any ideas?
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    OBD2 smog

    on OBD2 cars do they use the scantool to smog the car instead of actually runnin the car?? i havent smogged my car ever since i had it and i need to in a few months and i wanna noe bcuzz i have a OBD1 motor and OBD1 ecu.
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    cel check

    can i do the paper clip thingy to check the cel code on my OBD2a car wit a OBD1 motor and OBD1 ecu?? or do i need a scanner or somethin??
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