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    Cable Lsd Trans Problem

    First of all did you check if you the right axles in there because i did my swap b16a into 90 civic HB and i put the stock axles and calipers rotors and to my surprise my wheels were locked so make sure the axles in between the rotor and axle knuckle arent stuck together..... :burnout:
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    B16a ? To B20

    My engine B16a with 1000 miles,I took it apart just 1 day ago 1st because i had check compression after 1000 miles and it read 150 across with std CTR pistons and OEM head gasket no resurface on the head,a couple days later my friends and I hear this noise coming fro my engine they say it sound...
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    B16 Swap Questions

    Fisrt what is this swap going into and there is a vacuum line diagram but i dont have it i got off of one of the members here and the crossmember most likely will be pushed down when lowering it down cause u need to drop the tranny at an angle,So i would reccomend that u remove the front cross...
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    Weird Mind Thing

    Dammit Got me with all of them to THE "T" small world After all Heres one: Say sleep 15 times fast GO: "NOW DO IT" LOL :withstupid:
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    Im need the same thing only that i need to tell the GSR to b16A apart thanks aalllll
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    Fiberglass Headlights

    I have 2 brand new 96 civic projector headlights black very nice,Only thing i have a 90 Civic HB and i really want to either try to put those on OR what i want to do MAKE FIBERGLASS mold of the original 90 civic headlight and use the projectors fro the 96 headlight.....HERE MY ???? Where can i...
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    Msd Sci 6

    I INSTALLED IT MY SELF, i think u should try it for the experience and the simply task at hand. its childs play my friend,u will get charged a arm and a leg from fucked u mechanics that dont know shit better to do it yourself.All u need is simple tools
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    Getting Ripped Off

    I recommend the same i did itand sure its LOTS fun LOL,I swaped my enigine by myself no friends they would probably screw the whole thing up or leave loose bolts, Now about tools i bought a craftman tool box 100Usd and rented engine hoist from friend for 40usd what a friend,removed 90 civic hb...
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    My New B18c! (pics)

    Nice Engine and a good fuckin deal,now clean her up and race her ass to the ground. make it look like ITR, fooled alot of plp and remember to remove the tranny sticker LOL.
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    Muriatic Acid Ownz Me.

    How about having it sand blasted will that work,I need to strip my valve cover it looks like the before block PICS. <_<
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    Funny Smell From Engine

    It's that shitty smell below your lips LOL.Boink
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    Engine Problem

    I just saw the post and this is funny as hell ,woh woh woh ping woh wop wop crunk crunk, LOL i guess he needs help from a mechanic near his home or maybe if he records the sound and post them HUH.. OMG RICEBURNER seriously u need to give the most information u cant...
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    High Idle

    I had same prob recheck your intake minifold gasket i had lot of air and water going into my #4 cylinder so check for air leaking in and Fast Idle thermo sensor shut be shut when radiator fan comes on Tp might be but i dout it u can unscrew it and move it around a bit might help .....
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    B16a 1st Gen Vtec Power Loss

    Thanks for that seerx but before i installed this motor i took the puppy apart from bottom up i got some msd ignition controller msd wires distributor cap JDM headers CTR pistons and i have the Skunk 2's Springs and titanium retainer mugen thermostat and new gaskets oh yeah i still have the...
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    B16a 1st Gen Vtec Power Loss

    OK vtec light (Wich i put a black light neon as vtec indicator RICE) is going on so that means vtec solenoid is getting power wich i would imagine would start vtec maybe the VSS ( Vehicle Speed Sensor) does play a part of it but i really doubt it i hear the freakin VTEC like a freight Train LOL...
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    B16a 1st Gen Vtec Power Loss

    I was getting the check engine light but it just went away aftera while i think it was cuz my speedo cable was disconnected i got a 89 integra one its way longer any way the only ECU error im getting is #17 wich is VSS (Vehicle Speed sensor) i guess its cuz when i bout the B16A with factory LSD...
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    B16a 1st Gen Vtec Power Loss

    I have my baby16A first gen and i installed a black neon light hehehe for a VTEC indicator my VTEC kicks in at about 4700 rpm, the light comes on i hear the vtec loud but the where my PROBLEM begins i lose all my power the vtec push is not their it just seem to die down still running but with...
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    No Power

    Found my problem it was the intake manifold gasket it was leaking water out and inside of the #4 cylinder next to the thermostat so i took it apart replaced the gasket new OEM and whala its all better now i feel power and torque not much torque but i guess thats normal IDLE is purrrfect about...
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    B16a First Gen

    :D :D :D Awewsomw man thanks a grip i have them all wrong hehehe all wrong THANKS a bunch :thumbsup: :thumbsup: CRXSIR1
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    No Power

    I put in my B16A first gen into 90 civic si hb it has CTR piston with rings and skunk 2,s springs and retainers for now,Everything is almost good execpt for these problems:first my distributor cap is move all the way forward to make the idle come down to 1,000 RPM and goes up to 1,500 once its...
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