1. AB116

    first gen b16 swap help

    Just picked up a first gen B16a with a YS1 tranny. I'm new to the honda game (and relatively new to working on cars lol) and need help with a list of what I need to do to swap into a 1995 del sol (bone stock manual) with a d15 in it currently. As of right now I know I need: Motor mounts/brackets...
  2. urko

    B16 Swap is missing power

    Hello, I'm having a problem with my B16A2 swap in my Civic EK. To get straight to the problem; the car is slower than it should be i.e. missing power. It has good low-end torque (much better than a D14 at least 😅) but when accelerating it just doesn't pull like it should. My 0-60 times are in...
  3. C

    6th gen Civic Swap Overview

    Basic 6th gen Civic B-series Swap info Assuming you have already purchased an OBD2a (96-98) B-series swap, here's some basics on what else you need to get it in your car. Unless you got a b16a2 from a 99-00 Civic SI, you will need to get 2 mounts from this setup. The rear tranny mount and the...