1. AB116

    first gen b16 swap help

    Just picked up a first gen B16a with a YS1 tranny. I'm new to the honda game (and relatively new to working on cars lol) and need help with a list of what I need to do to swap into a 1995 del sol (bone stock manual) with a d15 in it currently. As of right now I know I need: Motor mounts/brackets...
  2. D R M

    CVCC accord: rebuild or swap?

    1979 accord CVCC 80k miles. Just weber swapped it and the headgasket went out. Replaced the head gasket and machined the head but leak is now worse. Should i pull and disassemble the whole engine and have the block resurfaced? Or is it better worth my time + money to swap in something like a...
  3. X

    1995 honda accord ex 2.2l 5 speed H22A euro r swap

    Hello new to HS but have done extensive research on the swap im currently in the middle of As the title says I have an 95 honda accord ex coupe that im swaping in a 2001 h22a euro r. It has less than 50 k its also a 5speed the trans was included when I bought the engine along with the ac...
  4. urko

    B16 Swap is missing power

    Hello, I'm having a problem with my B16A2 swap in my Civic EK. To get straight to the problem; the car is slower than it should be i.e. missing power. It has good low-end torque (much better than a D14 at least 😅) but when accelerating it just doesn't pull like it should. My 0-60 times are in...