00 si

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i know you guys are proly asked this buy alota people, but i wana kno wat would be the best choice for a swap for my 00 SI?.. H22A?, b18c?
a) wrong forum.
b) "best" is relative to what you want to do with the car, your budget, your mecahnical ability, etc etc.
In my opinion, I would build the b16 with the money you were gonna use for a new motor. (Ie: Turbo, Head work blah blah blah.) H22a's arent the most reliable (from what i've heard) in the ek.
well it has 147K so i wana replace it with somthing, should i get the same b16 and turbo it?, wat will have the most power?, my friend has a crx hes dropping a b18c5 with garret turbo on it in the summer so i wana be able to compete with him, whats my best bet?
well i hear that the f series are pretty durable, would a F22b or H22a be better for the 00 si civic, witch would be easyer to swap and witch would be more cost efective vs power?
hey stupid, people are telling you what to get. if you are giving us your opinion, don't ask us for ours.
well so far i have a b16 and b18 oinion from u guys, i kno that thoes fit duh but no one has answered my question bout the F & H series, and also i wana kno about the k20 n if it would fit.. lol ppl are always so defensive and angry on fourms, i have been reaserching it so i know what technicaly fits into wat but i wana hear from some of you guys who either have done em or know more about them before i make a desition..
F series and H series are heavy, stick to the B series. K series will break the bank.
are you going to do the swap yourself?

if you have to ask which engine to use, i highly doubt you know how to put an f series into that car. it's not a straight swap.

turbo-b16 is your best option.
thankyou man, so you would go with a turbo b16 vs a turbo f20b?

If you have to ask you have no idea what you're doing. Just swap a b16 in there and live with that. If you do the turbo yourself you're going to end up with something that breaks in a week or you're going to end up paying a shit load of money to have someone else do it.
na my friends dad said he would do it for me for like 400bucks and im jus tryen 2 do some research for him and so i can deside on the engine, i was jus wondering y the f series is so highly praised, is it really that difficult 2 do? i was told all you need are moter mounts and re-wiring the harness

but if its that hard 2 do then ill stick with the b16 n turbo it
he said he could do any swap for me as long as i get all the parts i need for him like mounts n stuff, so he told me 2 reaserch it a lil and tell him wat i get
ok wat about a b18c OBD2, thats better right? lol, i dont wana stress any1 out, sorry guys
What kind of experience does he have working on cars? What all has he done in the past? Just cause he says he can do it doesn't mean it will be quality reliable work. Don't let just anyone work on your car unless you know they know what they're doing.