02 Accord SE... Best option?

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Hey guys I'm real stressed on which block to get...
id love to hear some opinions of the best power swap while a relative easy do it yourself install.

I've been looking on the net for these obd1 jumper harness's and custom accord mount manufacturers with no real luck for my model + year.

Here's what i've been looking at:
H22A 00-01 (Accord Euro R) Complete Changeover
220 Hp 161 Trq
$ 3800.00 Plus shipping and handling.

H22A Type S 97-98 Complete Motor,Trans,Ecu
220Hp 163Trq 11.0 Compression (JDM)
$ 3299.00 Plus shipping and handling.

H22A 92-95 Complete Change Over
200Hp 161Trq 10.6 Compression (JDM)
$ 2199.00 Plus shipping and handling.

-The type S has the higher compression ratio, but not by much.
I'd like to do the swap and then go F/I . So i'd like to know if it'd be worth the time and money to do the internals once.

I want to stay in emissions standards if possible but i'd like to know more before i decide which path to take.

Thanks honda dudes!


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I believe they're all almost the same except for the Type S. The 92-95 might be better because its OBD1 and easier to tune if you go turbo.


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subharness's? emissions?

To be emissions legal you'll want the 01-02 version. That will also be the easiest swap as everything should plug in easily (same OBD). If you want ease of tuning however, then you'll want the OBD1 version. Check RyWire for a conversion harness (www.rywire.com). If they don't list one, contact them. They can build pretty much anything you want.

As for the internals, how much do you plan to boost? What turbo, etc.? Give us some more info...


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i plan to boost as much as i can with the 01-02 version... eventually
and.. what turbo and psi do you suggest? i'm curious as to how you would setting up an emissions passing turbo'd racer :p (just daily driver, eventually show car.)