02 Civic Performance

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Junior Member
I would like to gain as much information on Turbo, Superchargers, and other forced induction products for the 7th gen civics. I was planing on staying with the stock D17 motor, and trying to put some power into it. What is the best way to do it, and please send me links. Also please provide any information on flaws in doing such upgrades. Thanks.


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ya dude i wanted to do the same in my 7thgen dont go turbo you cant boost more than 6 pounds on other hand supercharge you can give it a try but as far as a d16 intake exhaust headers came cm gear i would get into the internals just save up for a rsx,elemsnt or crv motor thats youre best bet but for example ill tell you bought my friends ride i blew the motor in my 7thgen so ill tell you bout his lol he just has cold air intake header and a muffler hes whooping a few crx, you know thats just for a braod example bought you know


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There is no supercharger for the 7thgen.... As for turbo's, well, they're all custom made. Check out 7thgencivic.com. There's a few people there who have custom turbo's.