'03 Civic HX 5-speed swap (questions)

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New to your site, looks like a great deal of information here. Better than any of the other sites I've checked out so far. I am hopeful that someone here can help me.

I have searched - just can't really find any threads that specifically address my query.

I have an '03 Civic HX, 1.7 with that horrid CVT transmission. It is perhaps THE most un-interesting car to drive that I have ever driven. It belongs to my son. He complained about it from the beginning, but I never drove it much. He's been gone for a few weeks visiting family and I have been driving it while he's gone. Now I understand why he hates it so much.

I have a nice shop at my house and I am a very accomplished mechanic - been doing swaps of all kinds for many, many years. I just haven't even hacked on any Hondas. Converting this car to a 5-speed will be a breeze for me - however I don't have a clue what to look for in a donor vehicle. I have a suspicion that a very wide range of other Honda cars would willingly give up their parts to make this swap happen. I just need someone to point me in the right direction.

Do I need to get all these parts from another 7th gen Civic or will (some) earlier model stuff work? I have access to a complete, running and driving 6th gen 5-speed car for about $500. If only some of the parts will work, which ones won't?

Looking forward to the help.


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no problem, ever so many years honda puts out what we like to call the bastard years, and the 7th gen is one of those lol.