0bd1 Motor Into 0bd0 Car

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How would you install an obd1 motor into an obd0 integra. How would you do the wiring?
dont use the wireing that comes with the obd1 motor and use your obd0 distributer and injector on the obd1 motor and all the old wiring will hook up as for the ecu use your old integ ecu if ur swaping in an LS if u swapping a gsr or b16 u have to get either a vtec controler or a pw0 pr3 ecu or make a obd0 to obd1 conversion harnest so u can use the factory ecu for that motor...if u use a obd1 ecu u must use the obd1 dist. not the obd0
Personally I would convert your car to obd1, by getting a obd1 conversion ecu harness, and converting you current engine harness. Obd1 has much more support... There are more programs out for it, and i think hondata's new system recommends obd1. The way i look at it is that there are many advantages to obd1, and obd0 is really old now and out dated.
Where do i get one of these harnesses? And how hard are they to install?
Is there a kit to convert obd0 to obd2? Because the type r engine I want is 0bd2. If there is no kit for this, could I buy an obd1 ecu, that has been programed , like the ITR obd2 ecu? Or should I just buy a obd1 gsr motor and build it up?
<----Makes obd0 to obd1 harnest's as for the obd0 to obd2 i can probly figure one out and make but it will be worthless just because obd1 is better get a chipped p28 (my solution for almost everything) and it will run the ITR better then the factory ITR ecu which are impossible to find....
If I was to use an obd1 ecu what else would I have to change to obd1? And how much would the obd0 to obd1 Harness be? Where could I find a chipped p28?