10 G'z

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sup peeps....i have 10 g'z to spend on a motor and anything else...i have a 5th Generation civic (92-95) i wanted your ideas on what i should get....i had a b16a in mind....but what do you think...tell me everything from cam gears to exhaust>!..thnx....peeesh! :blink:
What are your goals n/a,turbo,s/c what?For $10,000 you can pretty much do anything.
damn dude dont be soo vague we gotta know where you wanna go with it(FI or NA) do you wanna autox or drag? etc.... but id look into buying a b18c b16a2 or an ls/vtec (thanks to B) and everything after that depends on your needs.... :blink:
well...i want turbo....but i also want a really strong engine to easilly support it...so i had a well built b16a in mind....what do you think?...and any recommendations on exhaust or any other things?
daym i feel so illiterate right now...hahaha....i have no clue what you you are all ssaying...with the terms lyke
FI or NA
sorry...my first 5 mins on this site....please bare /w me....thnx alot!...seriously
P.s. please tell me what those mean
well dont go buying any bolt ons till you know what your gunna be bolting on to...ya know...... cause you might end up throwin em away later on..... well yea build up your engine and go boost....if you have 10g's there is soo much you can do...... as far as exhaust goes it depends on if you wanna be a sleeper or not but i would just but a muffler or axle back exhaust of your fave and get the pipes bent for your app..

there is really too many options but it sounds like you have a good plan in mind :blink:
there really is no limit you can take those things way way way past your money limits
aighty...my limit is 10 g'z..... that has to include b16a....and i also want turbo....so you have to kinda help me....cuz i only resently got into the whole engine thing...i used to beinto show cars....so yeah...thnx
if you want a drag car i would try going with a more torqy engine like a b18c..... but if you are in love with the b16 then go ahead..... i just think teg engines are better........ just go ahead and start doing things or just ask more specific questions no one will be able or want to list everything you can get we have a hard enough time managing with our own cars....... you have a good plan stick to it.
would it be better toget b18c1 or b16a?....is it worth to pay that much more for lye 20 lbs/torq and 10 hp?...iono...you tell me