13s...Need help


I want to hit the 13s in the 1/4mi. I have a 98 coupe ex. So i was thinking of a greddy kit prolly the 19t with aa 31 fmic and type s bov and all gauges and controllers, plus bolts and head gasket. Emmissions here in MD are tough so i want to kinda stay away from putting my own together cuz of the fmu. And will i be able to keep stock internals or no? or i was gonna wait until i see a deal on a b16a2 swap and greddy turbo that. but i am don't have the money yet and don't want to wait forever and want to make a move. But i don't want to make a move and fail and wasted money, which is why i want to do all my homework and recommendations. thanks


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you can hit 13s with out a turbo setup.....use some juice.... and/or wait until you can get the b16....i would wait.....


well i am afraid of juice money. i have seen too many negative endings so i want to stay away from that stuff. and if anyone knows any places or websites that has b16a2 swap for a good deal hit me up please
if you bottle feed its actually SAFER than a turbo... if you dyno tune it right and make sure AFR is correct. With a turbo you can detonate and knock because of many reasons, not just because of AFR (backpressure = end gasses lingering in combustion chamber, too hot an intake charge...etc)
As with the bottle all you really have to worry about is the AFR leaning out, or on the very rare occasion you may run into hot spots in the combustion chamber...
IMO the bottle is a good choice on a stock motor. There's a lot of stigma with nitrous because people are idiots about it and don't read up on what it really takes to make a safe kit. Also a lot of people think dyno time is expensive and think they can do without it.


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turbo your motor now. it will be cheaper than a B16swap and faster if turn the boost up a little, D series can make some decent power when you have the time and money