14-B or TDO5

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I recently aquired a turbo for about 40 dollars and it needs to be rebuilt, the kid took it APART AND NEVER MARKED THE SHAFT, so unfortunetly I have to get it balanced and rebuit, I am not sure what kind of turbo it is , my friend said it was a 14-B,he has had three conquest so i don't know what to think. Honda swap is calling it a TDO5. I was wondering if anyone knew how hard it is to rebuild a turbo and balance it or do you have to send it out? I am a newbie to the turbo thing help me out guys.
it's not hard to rebuild but your not going to be able to balance it. Send it to Majestic turbo thats what i just did. $325 for a full rebuilt port and polish with a 6 month warrenty.