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So it looks like I can get a good deal on a 14b out of an eclipse.
What kind of numbers should I expect?
I plan on running 7-8psi, uberdata/whatever.
This is for a daily driver, but it can't be too slow.
Does this turbo spool quick?
Will it hold the power to 8200 rpm's?


Would you recomend this turbo for my b16 or not?

Sound like no since it won't boost to 8200...right?

I want to get around 250, would I just be wasting my time with this turbo?
waaay to small for a b16, get something bigger

t3/t4, or go baller SC61, or homemade baller Holset Hx35 or Wh1c

the 14b would have instant boost, and run out up top where theb16 makes its power, you wouldnt be happy with it at all

check out www.homemadeturbo.com