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Read this thread, very good reason why you should get smaller tires

Good article
Good article part 2

from that one thread the guy was wondering why le mans cars have 17's, 18's ect. this explains most of it.

Originally posted by asmallsol@Feb 2 2003, 08:29 PM
Well the 911's have the power to compansate for the extra rotational mass. As for racing and cars like le Mans, they use extremly sticky tires, they have to replace them every 50 or so laps and have a good 600 hp to spin those tires. Le Mans and other racing like this is where alot of the "ricer" (not calling you ricer) trends came from. Yes spoilers can be funtional but it is when going over 140 mph in a rear wheel drive car. Yes body kits can be good if designed properly and your driving 140 mph. Big wheels can be ok if you have the money to buy tires every hundred miles and have a few hundred hp to keep them spinning.


Also try this. Get a long stick/pole ect like a push broom or something. First try and raise it and try and spin it using your hand as the axis (center) by holding the very end of it, it is kinda hard right? Now hold it in the center and try and spin it. Much easier right? Now when you go to 17's and 18's, your putting more mass towards the outside of the wheel and it is harder to spin. That will eat up your trq, you go slower off the line.
i voted 15's
i also wrote both of the atricles on wheel weight :)

and yes the GSR brakes will fit under the 15" slips
What was he smoking the day he went to the wheel/tire shop? Someone please let me know what it was so I stay away from it.

-I say 15-inch also. Get some 45 series tires and they'll look real sweet if you have like a 2 inch drop.
:lol: LMAO @ that pic! he must need 300lbs of torque just to get them rolling!

as for the wheel sizes, it depends on your goal. if you are going for performance, go 2in. larger than stock. if you are going for show, go 3 or 4 inches larger than stock.