15" Spoon Sw388's F/s

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I'm just about that action Boss.
those int he pics are 5 lug but the ones for sale it says are 4x100. Real dandy price. I want them but have to pay 300 dollars a month for full coverage insurance. Yea all the itr's roll on Sw388's and they are 5 lug.

nathan atwell

Junior Member
Are those REALLY Spoon SW388s'? You can rarely buy ONE wheel for the price you offering this set for.
Seems shady, like they might be stolen, :ph34r: or worse....rota slipstreams.
Are these really REAL spoons?..or Rotas?...cuz I have 2000 SI wheels with brand new tires..if tehy are real I would pick em up from you..Where are you located?...I'd put em on my rhd hb I have for sale...let me know..thanks


Senior Member
wow you guys are dumb, he linked it to an auction on ebay, that was the price they were currently at when he posted this. Look at the link


Senior Member
For the love of god guys, those weren't mine, if they were, I wouldn't be selling them. I was just sharing your chance to win genuine spoon rims for 810. which is about 3 spoon rims for free. But, oh well.