16" white rims w/ tires

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these are white 16" rims with Falken tires. The tires are in "ok" condition, a few scuffs, but no dents or major scratches. The tires are in average condition with a little premature inner tire wear (due to neg. camber). If you rotate the tires, they should last another 6 months. I have included pix of the rims and tire tread. All the tires are in the same condition.

I'm asking around $350 obo for these. Shipping should be around $80 for these rims & tires.

If you have any questions or would want more pix, please email me at jastunna1987@hotmail.com

you can view the rims and tires below.


$375 shipped will do just fine. I'm located in Grand Forks, ND. I dont think i can sell just the rims, because i dont have a use for the tires, i'll end up loosing too much money. Sorry.
If anyone is willing to do $375 shipped, email me at jastunna1987@hotmail.com. I'll accept paypal to confirmed addresses only.