17 inch Racing Hart cp8 white for Sale

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If they arent sold by saturday- I will paypal you the money then.
Im still sitting on these four white racing harts. Im thinking about trading them for Civic HX rims for the daily commute of 112 miles. But im hoping that 300 plus shipping would be a good enough price for forged racing harts that only weigh 17 lbs hmmmm. Anyone willing to come to Richmond could get them and save on shipping.
Looked at the site...I'll give you 500 for the rims and the girl. lol Caught this one late, do you still have them, are they curbed to hell, ect. Why so cheap?
Mostly going so low is because one has paint falling off like a diseased limb. The rims are one year old and have signs of use on them...nothing too major and since getting them painted will cost you Ive lowered the price. Plus I only have one decent tire left. Oh yea and Im done with the civic...I have an RSX that the rims dont fit on. But it needs rims that weigh less than the factory rims which come in at a scant 16 lbs...so replacing the RSX rims with something bigger and lighter is going to be expensive, and a long way off.
Just trying to get rid of my mantle piece and clear up some closet space.
The girlfriend is definitely not for sale though.

where are you located i might be very interested if it wont cost $600 to ship them you know let me know asap thanks.............