18 in. vs a smaller size wheel

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wich wheel to use to make a civic speed up quicker... and also will I gain much on the 0-60 aspect.. basically the pros and cons of the wheel size


The Trisexual
smaller - faster, lighter, lowest top speed
bigger - slower, heavier, highest top speed.

With a honda 15-16s should be the biggest.

On my Audi with 16's it's top speed is 147. With 18's is 157, 19's 164. It hits the speed limiter at 130 but you get the point. Tire size is important also. A thicker sidewall on a 19" wheel will make higher top speeds.

If you want quicker acceleration stay small with a short geared trans, the con would be a lower top speed.

There really isn't an advantage to bigger wheels after 16s on any non-sports-like honda (s2k, NSX)
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