1981 Accord with a G23 motor

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Well, the title pretty much says it. I bought a 1981 Accord 5 speed and I am willing to go the full ride to put in a G23, possibly turbo as a daily. A/C is optional at this point. Block was honed out to 87.5 mm, carillo pistons, KS rods, King bearings, AEM cam gears and ARP main and head bolts. Balance shaft delete and that's about it so far. Going to use a 5 speed transmission off a 1998 Accord. Wiring, gauge cluster, ECM and mounting are a view foreseen headaches I love opinions on. Brake set up and other issues I'm sure will arise, but for now. Any input would be appreciated and taken. I am going to finish this project or die trying...
I will download more tomorrow.


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