1983 Honda Accord Hatchback w/Weber carb

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$2,000 or best offer with both inspection and registration good for 11 more months.

1983 Honda Accord Hatchback EXCELLENT runner. It has the original engine that has been pulled and all seals changed (yes, headgasket, front and rear main engine seals and everything else), all 8 valves are brand new, brand new power steering column, brand new radiator with hoses, new heater control valve, new fuel filter, new fuel pressure control valve, 2 brand new Strongarm hatchback lifts, a brand new air conditioning compressor and it has already been converted to R134a, and installed a brand new REDLINE WEBER 32/36 carburetor.

Also, I changed both control arms and brand new CV axles. However, the CV axle on the passenger side is wrong and the car vibrates a ton. So, I bought a brand new CV axle that with go with the car when purchased. All you have to do is put it on. I am exhausted from working on cars right now and have no desire to put it on.

Also, I bought a new dash that is in GREAT condition and even has the controls and clock. It is the wrong color, so you will need to buy the dye to fix that and it costs $7 for a bottle at any auto paint store.

I will also include 2 BRAND NEW KYB front struts, 2 BRAND NEW interior door handles, NEW rear wheel drum kit, and a brand new radio wiring harness.

I have spent a ton of money on this car so far and the only reason I am getting rid of it is so I can focus my efforts 100% on my 1979 Civic Hatchback.

Title free and clear and ready to sign over.







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I keep getting asked how many miles on the car, so here is another post.
189,000 miles on the car, but less than 300 miles on the car after all repairs were made. About 100 miles on the new carb, though.

Also, I forgot, there is a new muffler and a straight pipe from the engine to the muffler. No catalytic converter required in my state on vehicles over 25 years old.