1988 CRX Grassroots Motorsports Project Car

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1988 Honda CRX HF. Former Grassroots Motorsports magazine "Track Rat" Project car, includes all the parts and pieces GRM installed/tuned. Rust free chassis, B16A engine, S1 Transmission, Hondata S300 ECU, DC sports header, Stainless exhaust, Walbro 190 LPH fuel pump, progress coilover suspension, billet lower rear control arms, SPC adjustable links, CRX Si Front brakes, 4 point roll bar, Konig 15 x 6.5 wheels (spoon knockoffs), Yokohama s.drive 195/50/15 tires . I've owned this car since December 2010 when I bought it from GRM. In that time I've only taken it to one track day at Roebling. It's mostly sat in my garage. The car is fast and easy to drive.




Check the GRM site here: Honda CRX HF: Project Cars: Grassroots Motorsports Magazine for details of their build. For more photos go to Grm crx - a set on Flickr

Asking $4750, no trades please. Located in Orlando, Fl area. Contact mblommel at hotmail dot com or call (321) 278 7682
i just ruined some new boxers. thanks! nice CRX dude good luck with the sale

btw i would keep it, just sayin.
:drool: i uh, yeah. i'm glad it's not yellow. that is all. ps try very hard no to sell it to a maroon - i think your price is fair.
I'm surprised this is still here.

Quite possibly a top 1%'er for what's left of the crx'es in existence.

If i had the cash, i'd snipe this up, and keep it as mint as possible for the future, all the while driving it like it was meant to be :)
In that case, I'm glad I picked up a ratted out but straight CRX- because it'd be a shame to cut this one up. ;)